Shorter, Faster and Easier to Complete

We have reduced data elements by 70%.

In an effort to focus on the most relevant information for today’s practices, and in appreciation of your time, we have simplified and shortened this survey significantly. In total, we reduced the number of data elements manually collected by more than 70%! We trust that you will find the process of filling out the survey much faster and easier, and that the end result will provide you with the critical financial and operational information you need to assess and improve your practice.

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Survey Deadlines

Provider FTE Worksheet: February 17, 2017

CPT Report Submission: February 17, 2017

ICD Report Submission: February 24, 2017

Annual Financial/Operational Data Entry: March 1, 2017

Demographic Survey Submission: March 10, 2017



Attending CV Transforum Spring'17?

These deadlines MUST be met in order for you to receive your survey reports at the CV Transforum Meeting, April 18 – 20, at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, FL.


Download the General Data Entry Instructions

Download the Deadlines & FAQs

Download the Provider FTE Instructions

Download the Practice Demographics Instructions

Download the ICD Report Instructions

Download the CPT Report Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

CPT Report Submission

Q: Do we include the advanced practice providers (APPs) on this report for an accurate account of the practice?

Are CPT codes by date of service or date of entry post?
Date of entry post

Do we include modifiers?
Yes, please include ALL modifiers.  Please add additional columns to worksheet as needed.


Provider FTE Worksheet

Q: Who do you consider a provider?
Physicians, APPs and visiting/contracting physicians.

Q:  Should provider FTEs include only providers who were part of the practice for the entire year?
A:  Include the actual time the provider has spent in your practice in 2016. So, if a provider came in half way through the year, then worked full time, at the end of the year, he or she would be counted as a .5 FTE. You should also include providers who were hired or retired part way through the year, as well as visiting/contracting physicians.

Q:  Do we include modifiers?
A:  Yes, please include ALL modifiers. Please add additional columns to worksheet as needed.

Annual Survey Data Entry

Q: The annual financial and operational data entry looks different? Why?
A:  We have reduced the amount of data entry fields down to two books:  102 Employee FTE & Compensation Survey and 105 Revenue, Overhead & GL.  As you will see, the Imaging, Accreditation and Value-Based Purchasing books are no longer available; these were eliminated in order to make the data entry process faster and easier for you, and to focus attention on the data points that are most relevant to today’s practice.

Q:  For FTE counts, do we list the actual or budgeted FTEs?
A:  Actual

Q:  Do you count staff FTE by 440 half days as well?
A:  Physicians are designated using a practice assigned FTE value as well as the number of half days worked per year.  APPs are designated using a practice assigned FTE value. The remainder of the staff FTEs are counted by 2080 paid hours per year = 1.0 FTE.

Q:  Where are the entries for outsourced FTEs?
A:  We are no longer colleting or graphing outsourced FTEs—only total cost.