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Cath Lab Optimization Can Provide Cost Savings Averaging $1 Million.

JACC Article
Makes a Case for Significantly Lower Costs with TRI and SDD:
For the first time, in a nationally representative dataset of Medicare beneficiaries linked to the NCDR CathPCI Registry, we found that PCI care pathways of TRI and SDD were associated with significantly lower costs compared with TFI and NSDD when examined from a hospital perspective. Furthermore, the magnitude of cost savings was large, exceeding $900 for TRI PCI and $3,500 for TRI PCI with SDD, implying that even small shifts in the current practice of TFI NSDD to TRI SDD by 30% could save a hospital performing 1,000 elective PCIs each year $1 million and the country $300 million annually. 

JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions, Vol. 10, No. 4, 2017

Shifting current practice from transfemoral intervention non-same-day discharge to TRI SDD by 30% could potentially save a hospital performing 1,000 PCIs each year $1 million and the country $300 million annually.
  • – February 20, 2017 article in JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions by Amit P. Amin, MD, MSc, et al

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The Path to Improving PCI Patient Experience and Reducing Costs is Clear

The Transradial Care Pathway Operational Mini-Assessment Can Show You the Way



  • Assess the efficiency and efficacy of each step within the care process of the transradial patient.
  • Offer recommendations to eliminate waste, costs and barriers to patient, staff and provider satisfaction.
  • Outline a path to improve the number of safe, same-day discharges for your CV population.
  • Provide a plan to redesign key clerical and clinical processes surrounding all patients and elective/staged Cath Lab procedures; providing a margin of savings on true outpatients to better support fixed inpatient DRG reimbursements.


  • Data Collection
  • Remote Analysis
  • On Site Interviews, including Key Stakeholders, and Observations
  • Synthesis & Analysis
  • Summary Report with Key Finding and ROI

Cost savings of $750k – $2.8m in the following areas:

  • Resource Optimization
  • Cath Lab Scheduling/Resource Allocation, both fixed and human
  • Physician Schedules/Office and hospital
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Reduction in Capital Needs
  • Improved Patient Flow
  • Hospital Capacity Issues
  • Protocol Opportunities


  • 2 MedAxiom Consultants
  • Over 2 Days 

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