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Thursday, February 7, 2019 | Pat White

Hopefully you have already read the announcements and press release regarding our decision to join the American College of Cardiology (ACC).  We are both excited and honored to join such a prestigious organization.  MedAxiom and the ACC have been partners in a number of ventures over the past 15 years and there has been a level of comfort in place throughout.  However, the decision was not taken lightly. 

MedAxiom clearly understands the ACC’s commitment to be the indispensable resource for both clinical and non-clinical professionals.  The development of Appropriate Use Criteria, guidelines, the vast array of clinical data registries and outstanding journals are just a few examples of its accomplishments.  MedAxiom, on the other hand, has established itself as the premier resource for strategic, operational and financial matters.  So the complementary nature of bringing these two skillsets together made sense, and the potential synergies made the decision clearer.

Tim Attebery, CEO of the ACC, will become the CEO of MedAxiom.  Tim has a long history with MedAxiom, having been a member for a number of years and a frequent presenter at MedAxiom meetings.  Additionally many members of the ACC Board of Trustees are members and have participated for many years providing instant connectivity and familiarity.  As an example, both Dr. Ed Fry and Cathie Biga, current Board of Trustee members, presented at our 2018 Fall Conference.

This merger has many appealing aspects:  MedAxiom’s name will live on; there will be no changes in our talented staff; and the entire team is excited and anxious to start developing more value-add services to address the increasingly complicated business and financial aspects of medicine.  Operating MedAxiom with maximum autonomy will be critical.  To address this import point, we will be organized as a for-profit subsidiary with our own governance and leadership structures.  Thus you can continue to expect the nimble, agile and entrepreneurial organization MedAxiom has been throughout its history.

Jennifer Linville, CEO and Founder of MedAxiom, will be a valuable consultant to Tim Attebery through the transition, offering her innovative advice and historical knowledge to the direction of the new MedAxiom.  And although I am nearing retirement, I will be sticking around for another year or two – I expect I will take some razzing over that!  But I enjoy what I do and am very happy to help in the transition. 

This is a historic moment in CV care and we are thrilled to be linking arms officially with the ACC.  Together we will be exponentially stronger and provide you, our valuable members, even better services and resources.  Together we will continue to advance cardiovascular care in the United States.

I look forward to your comments and am always available to answer your questions so feel free to call, text or email me.

 Illustration: Lee Sauer

About the Author

Pat White, MPH, Senior Advisor of MedAxiom, is a trusted cardiovascular healthcare leader and statesman. Pat has been in the healthcare management field for over 40 years. Prior to joining MedAxiom, Pat was in medical group practice management for 17 years. He spent 13 years with the Henry Ford Health System, including five years as the Administrator for the Department of Internal Medicine. He also served as the Executive Director of Michigan Heart, a 36-member cardiology practice in Ann Arbor.

Pat does senior consulting work and currently serves on the board of the Cardiology Advocacy Alliance.

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