The CV Transforum conference, hosted by MedAxiom biannually, unites cardiovascular thought leaders from across the country to transform cardiovascular care, together. CV Transforum features interactive, industry-leading education designed for the MedAxiom membership community.

  • Connect with fellow leaders and industry innovators
  • Learn how to optimize your program with education focused on cardiovascular innovation, strategy, finance, operations and clinical
  • Transform cardiovascular care by discovering best practices and organizational performance solutions

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April 20-22, 2023 - Orlando, Florida + Virtual Experience

The leading conference for cardiovascular organizational performance solutions. CONNECT With CV Leaders and Innovators, LEARN How to Optimize CV Programs and TRANSFORM CV Care.



October 5-7, 2023 - Austin, Texas

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Spring 2021 Strategy Innovation

Welcoming Remarks

Kicking off CV Transforum Spring’21 Virtual with welcome remarks from MedAxiom President and CEO Dr. Jerry Blackwell, MedAxiom Executive Vice President of Membership and Operations Lori Walsh, ACC President Dr. Dipti Itchhaporia and President and CEO of Cardiovascular Management of Illinois, Cathie Biga.

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Spring 2021 Clinical Strategy

Clinical Strategy Shifts in a Post-COVID World: Forced or Expedited Change?

The clinical strategy of a cardiovascular organization is essential for embracing future innovations. COVID-19 and the quickly changing healthcare landscape have challenged traditional strategies that are in place. View an panel discussion where experts from four programs share insights on the current and future state of clinical strategy. This session will cover topics such as imaging, arrythmia management and telemedicine. From program consolidation to digital transformation, experts  share overall strategies, priorities and tactics for success.

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Spring 2021 Clinical Innovation

Advanced Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Cardiology is at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine. By analyzing large amounts of data quickly and accurately, AI can be applied in ways that improve decision-making, diagnosis and treatment. Experts review AI’s strengths and applications that, when partnered with clinical practice, can result in better care.

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Spring 2021 Operations Clinical

A Post COVID Reality – Identifying Opportunities & Managing Sustainable Improvements Virtually

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Fall 2021 Strategy

Managing Today, Preparing for 2024

COVID-19 has rocked the health care industry, shifting the way care is delivered for years to come. The impact on practices and hospitals was immediate and organizations continue to rapidly adapt to a new environment. Watch the CV Transforum Fall’21 keynote session where Michael Cuffe, MD, will discuss the impact of COVID-19 and explore what leaders can expect as it transitions from pandemic to endemic. Topics discussed will include strategies for continuing innovation in the face of adversity and the evolution of practices into the future. Dr. Cuffe also covers helping physicians, care teams and health care leaders implement policies that promote patient and clinician satisfaction, efficient use of technology and practice sustainability.

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Fall 2021 Innovation

Medaxiom HeartTalk Live - Session 1

Podcast host and journalist Melanie Lawson takes you behind the scenes with the movers and shakers of Care Transformation as they discuss today’s most innovative ideas and pressing challenges.

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Fall 2021 Strategy

Alignment 2.0 - Revisited

The predominant historical alignment vehicle for cardiovascular physicians has been the employment model. According to MedAxiom data, approximately 85% of cardiologists in the U.S. are now integrated with a hospital or health system through employment. While this model can and does work well in certain circumstances, it can also present problems for organizations wanting to push value through innovative joint ventures, contemporary compensation models – including income sharing – and the like. This session explores a different alignment model considering the perspectives of clinical and operational needs, along with legal and valuation requirements.

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Fall 2021 Innovation

Innovations in Pre- and Post-Operative Care

This session will discusses the impact of recent innovations on improving pre- and post-operative care. Topics include new technologies, techniques, and improved patient focused pathways. Additionally, experts discuss new approaches in the use of resources and skills that have resulted in increased satisfaction and expediting recovery.

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