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Spring 2021 Strategy

Welcoming Remarks

Kicking off CV Transforum Spring’21 Virtual with welcome remarks from MedAxiom President and CEO Dr. Jerry Blackwell, MedAxiom Executive Vice President of Membership and Operations Lori Walsh, ACC President Dr. Dipti Itchhaporia and President and CEO of Cardiovascular Management of Illinois, Cathie Biga.

Spring 2021 Clinical Strategy

Clinical Strategy Shifts in a Post-COVID World: Forced or Expedited Change?

The clinical strategy of a cardiovascular organization is essential for embracing future innovations. COVID-19 and the quickly changing healthcare landscape have challenged traditional strategies that are in place. View an panel discussion where experts from four programs share insights on the current and future state of clinical strategy. This session will cover topics such as imaging, arrythmia management and telemedicine. From program consolidation to digital transformation, experts  share overall strategies, priorities and tactics for success.

Spring 2021 Clinical

Advanced Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Cardiology is at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine. By analyzing large amounts of data quickly and accurately, AI can be applied in ways that improve decision-making, diagnosis and treatment. Experts review AI’s strengths and applications that, when partnered with clinical practice, can result in better care.

Spring 2021 Operations Clinical

A Post COVID Reality – Identifying Opportunities & Managing Sustainable Improvements Virtually

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Fall 2020 Finance Operations Clinical Strategy

Contemporary CV Physician Compensation Models

Get insight into an innovative compensation model from a large program that promotes value, team and strategy. Experts will discuss different approaches to measuring individual physician work, advancing the utilization of APPs, connecting with surgical programs and rewarding non-revenue producing or low-yield compensation activities.

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Fall 2020 Clinical Strategy

Become an APP Leader - How to Get Started

Hear from advanced practice provider (APP) leaders Ginger Biesbrock and Jerry Blackwell as they review their leadership journeys and provide insight into their leadership styles. This dynamic session will also include an “Ask the Expert” roundtable where APP leaders will share knowledge directly through a Q&A.

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Fall 2020 Finance Operations

Optimize the Revenue Cycle with Prior Authorization Management

During this session Nicole Knight shares cost and staffing insights for managing authorizations to optimize the revenue cycle. We also share successes from a program that has utilized an authorization platform to facilitate automation within their processes and hear best practices.

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Fall 2020 Clinical Strategy

Sustainable Strategies: ICR and Virtual CR

The world of intensive cardiac rehab (ICR) was shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Programs were forced to shut down and have now reopened using appropriate social distancing measures and cleaning protocols. In the midst of the shutdown, it became important to find a virtual solution to meet the needs of the patient population. Those strategies continue to provide a holistic realm of options for patients that aren’t able to attend traditional ICR programs. The importance of ICR and virtual CR strategies will be explored during this session that will provide real perspectives from the field.

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