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ACC 2023 Proposed Physician Fee Schedule Calculator

Work, practice expense and liability relative value units (RVUs) are updated annually through Medicare Physician Fee Schedule rulemaking. Many services see significant impacts due to the reduced conversion factor adjustment required by law to offset increases in other areas or other formulaic changes, such as increases in pricing of clinical staff labor. The ACC has created a Physician Fee Schedule Calculator that allows clinicians and practice managers to estimate the practice impact of changes included in the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposed rule and related addenda. Over time, the goal of the tool is to help facilitate a thorough understanding of impacts from one year to the next. 


Practice Management and Service Lines

A 'staggering' number of people couldn't get care during the pandemic, poll finds

(NPR) - Insured or not, one in five said they couldn't get treated for serious illness, while preventive and elective procedures were neglected. Disruptions in care hit Black and Native Americans the hardest.

How Intermountain Healthcare gets top marks for virtual care

(Healthcare IT News) - Intermountain has earned a Press Ganey Top Box Score of more than 80% for its scheduled video visit service, with patients requesting more digital engagement as they learn about the option.

Addressing institutional trauma in health care: the case for a structured ethical framework

(STAT News) - In recent years, many health care professionals have been confronting the challenging chapters of their institutions’ history, as societies more broadly grapple with how to deal with past institutional trauma.

Rev Cycle Staffing Woes? Try Adding Automation

(HealthLeaders Media) - Automation has become commonplace in the revenue cycle, and as leaders look to remedy staffing issues, adding technology may be more important than ever.

Legislation and Revenue Cycle

Here’s who Democrats’ drug pricing bill will actually help

(STAT News) - Millions of patients in the Medicare program could eventually see lower prescription drug costs if Democrats pass their latest drug pricing plan into law.

Schumer: Senate will vote again on $35 insulin cap after GOP blocked it

(The Hill) - Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Monday night that he is going to bring a $35 cap on patients’ insulin costs back up for a vote this fall after Republicans blocked it over the weekend.

HHS awards $88.6M to bolster community health centers' data capabilities, plus $59.6M to grow rural healthcare workforce

(Fierce Healthcare) - Nearly $90 million is going out to almost 1,400 nationwide community health centers to beef up patient data capabilities. The move will support better health equity during ongoing and future public health emergencies, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said.

Access to preventive care is essential for our nation’s health: We must protect the ACA

(Healio) - Several health provisions guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act have been widely popular among the American people and saved countless lives ever since this landmark piece of legislation was enacted into law.

Workers Strike at Medicare, ACA Call Centers

(MedPage Today) - Customer service reps at federal contractor say sick time, break policies need to change


Not All Moderate Aortic Stenosis Is the Same—Neither Is Prognosis

(TCTMD) - Patients with echo findings that fall outside the norm may merit closer follow-up than what the guidelines recommend.

SAPT after TAVR preferred over DAPT, new meta-analysis confirms

(Cardiovascular Business) - Single antiplatelet therapy (SAPT) after transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is linked to better cardiovascular outcomes than dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT), according to a new meta-analysis published in Current Problems in Cardiology.

Potent DAPT After CABG Halves Vein Graft Failure

(MedPage Today) - Meta-analysis finds significant value, but is it enough to outweigh the risks?

Stenting Hits Another Wall in Intracranial Stenosis Stroke

(MedPage Today) - Trial disappoints, but another hints at benefit for tirofiban in this stroke population

AF a risk factor for dementia in adults younger than 70 years

(Healio) - Atrial fibrillation conferred elevated risk for dementia in adults younger than 70 years, according to study findings published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Cannabis may affect anaerobic power, risk for cardiovascular disease in female athletes

(Healio) - Compared with non-users, female athletes who regularly use cannabis had reduced early anaerobic power production and may have an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, according to published results.

Almost a Third of Patients Don't Take Drugs as Directed

(Medscape) - Patients prescribed medicines for asymptomatic conditions are far less likely to be adherent than those prescribed medicines for symptomatic conditions, according to a retrospective analysis.

Other Health Industry News

Pfizer confirms $5.4B acquisition of Global Blood Therapeutics

(Health Exec) - Drug manufacturer Pfizer confirmed its plans to acquire Global Blood Therapeutics for the purchase price of $5.4 billion.

Cardiac scale gains FDA clearance, putting patients 1 step away from a heart assessment

(Cardiovascular Business) - Bodyport, a San Francisco-based healthcare technology company focused on detecting cardiovascular disease, has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for a new digital scale that can help monitor fluid retention and enable earlier interventions in heart failure management.

Majority of Healthcare Consumers Believe Wearables Improve Their Health, Fitness

(mHealth Intelligence) - Most healthcare consumers who own wearables use them to monitor their health and fitness, with pulse rate, calories, and heart health being the most common metrics tracked, a new survey shows.

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