MedAxiom Production Manager - Remote

The Production Manager is a creative storyteller who produces innovative and engaging multimedia content to advance cardiovascular healthcare. This role will direct, produce and edit videos across the enterprise, both for internal business units and healthcare industry clients/partners. The Production Manager will play a significant role in developing content for virtual events, including webinars, conferences, meetings, etc., and will help identify new virtual opportunities, under the guidance of the Director of Production and Virtual Strategy. This position will serve as the day-to-day production point of contact for key clients/partners.

Please be sure to read through the required qualifications below and follow the instructions for submitting your application with your reel/samples.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Creative Production

  • Direct, produce and edit multimedia content for a variety of projects, including but not limited to: 
    • Virtual events (webinars, conferences, meetings, etc.)
    • In-person conferences
    • MedAxiom Academy video education courses
    • Marketing campaigns promoting MedAxiom products and services
    • Partner and member testimonial videos
    • MedAxiom HeartTalk podcast and video interview series
    • On-location success stories
    • Training videos, such as tutorials and website “how to” demos
    • Internal/staff videos
  • Assist with the operation of multi-camera studio during events, which includes setting up and running a multi-view video switcher.
  • Execute all stages of the production process: concept creation and scripting, scheduling with multiple stakeholders, set design, lighting, audio and video recording, editorial decision-making, post-production graphics, color grading, music and sound effects.

Management, Content Development and Business Strategy

  • Advise on content strategy evolution and suggest innovative and strategic distribution platforms/channels for multimedia content.
  • Assist in managing production crew of audio/visual (A/V) contractors to ensure quality execution of services and “run of show” for MedAxiom educational conferences.
  • Coordinate with Director of Production and Virtual Strategy, A/V vendor and MedAxiom event planner to map out production plan for events (in-person and virtual).

Required Qualifications:

  • At least 4 years of video producing and editing experience
  • At least 2 years of client-facing experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Media Production, Broadcasting, Film and/or Communications or equivalent education through a film program.
  • Demonstrated skills and experience with Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro (advanced) or Final Cut Pro (advanced), Adobe Audition and Media Encoder (beginner/intermediate)
  • Demonstrated skills and experience with Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop (advanced), After Effects or Motion (intermediate)
  • Demonstrated skills and experience with Production Equipment and Techniques:
    • Camera: professional camcorders, digital cinema, or studio & EFP
    • Audio: wireless microphone systems (lavaliere, boom, handheld)
    • Lighting: key/fill/backlight, diffusion, Kelvin temperature scale, lumens
    • Video switcher: Blackmagic Design or comparable
    • Lens: prime vs. zoom, focal lengths, aperture, shutter speed, ISO/gain
    • Tripod: know how to balance or when to ask for assistance with balancing
    • Look and Logic: depth of field vs. focus/movement needs
    • Composition: headroom, noseroom, pan, tilt, truck, and dolly
    • Compression: video codecs, frame rates, resolutions, and bitrates
  • Knowledge and interest in the evolving virtual event market
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a customer focused approach
  • Writing/scripting experience
  • Strong project management skills

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience working for a television station, advertising agency, or production company
  • Healthcare media production experience

Required Demo Reel or Work Samples:

  • Please submit your reel/samples with your resume (portfolio website or individual links)
  • Indicate which role(s) you played for each video project (i.e., Editor, Producer, Director, Writer, Graphic Designer, etc.)



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