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    What to Expect from this Podcast

    Cardiovascular thought leaders join to continually advance healthcare for all. What is MedAxiom? Who should listen? Who will be hosts/guests? What topics will be covered? Episode types and lengths? How to contact us?

    Episode Notes:
    What is MedAxiom?
    A powerful community of cardiovascular healthcare leaders dedicated to advancing healthcare through innovation, peer learning, expertise and data. The MedAxiom community includes more than one third of all cardiovascular programs in the U.S.

    Who should listen?
    Providers, administrators, care coordinators, industry partners, billers, coders, service line leader, and anyone in between. Anyone who cares about advancing cardiovascular healthcare, maybe even patients.

    Who will be hosts and guests?
    MedAxiom HeartTalk will have lots of different hosts, including MedAxiom's team of consultants, who have worked in the trenches of healthcare for years - some have led hospital operations; others have served as providers. Guests will be pulled from MedAxiom's national network of cardiovascular professionals?both providers and industry innovators.

    What topics will be covered?
    The Quadruple Aim, patient access, MIPS, MACRA, financial management, business development, risk assessment, electronic medical record, strategic planning, physician engagement, telemedicine, population health, care delivery, APP utilization, cardiology compensation models, legislative changes, revenue cycle management, medical coding, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and more.

    Episode types and lengths?
    Weekly blog posts, by a different MedAxiom consultant (5-10 minutes). Longer heart-to-heart discussions of personal stories, best-in-class practices and valuable lessons learned. Shorter QuickTips from consultants or industry experts (1-2 minutes).

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