What's Your "Why"?

What inspired you to choose the path toward cardiovascular services? What drives you to continue your journey to care for patients or serve in your role?

Terri McDonald, MedAxiom's newest consultant, shares the "why" behind her decision to pursue a CV nursing career, and how the personal impact of one patient's experience drove her to make a critical career change. We talk with Terri about her recent role as a heart and vascular service line administrator at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, and her advice for physicians and CV leaders looking for ways to collaborate and create a better experience for patients.

00:53 Cheryl Toth is the new host of MedAxiom HeartTalk
01:37 Terri McDonald is MedAxiom?s newest consultant
05:11 What Terri likes to do in her personal time
07:57 Terri tells us her "Why"
10:06 Terri shares the story that changed the course of her career
13:06 The Great Divide - trust is biggest challenge to patient-centered care
16:51 Role of quality and cost data
18:21 Bridging the Great Divide - strategies that have worked for Terri
23:24 Terri's advice to leaders as they implement shared governance

Terri's blog post:

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