Our experts in cardiovascular medicine and patient processing are uniquely qualified to support your cath lab in developing best practices that optimize your transradial access and interventional programs


We empower healthcare systems to establish new standards of care in vascular access in their diagnostic interventional programs, enabling the best possible patient-centered care with reduced complications, increased patient and staff satisfaction, and optimized operational outcomes.

Our global leadership in endovascular and vascular access solutions enables healthcare systems to deliver higher quality care in a dynamic, value-based healthcare marketplace.

The use of transradial access as part of a care pathway is still very underutilized in the US, but as you can see from the chart below (Fig. 1), the US is tracking to a similar growth curve as the UK.  It is not out of reason to expect that the US won’t do something similar considering the strong clinical data, patient satisfaction and costs surrounding radial utilization.

FIGURE 1: Long Period of Development Followed by Classic Growth Curve

Source: Courtesy of Ian C. Gilchrist, MD, FACC, Professor of Medicine Heart & Vascular Institute, M.S. Hershey Medical Center


Delivering value in this new healthcare marketplace requires like-minded companies to come together, leveraging their strengths for a more complete value proposition. For this reason, Terumo formed a strategic partnership with MedAxiom. Collaboratively, we deliver on a value proposition focused on helping healthcare professionals and institutions evolve and migrate through what is now a much more complex healthcare landscape. Together, our collective team has multiple decades of cath lab experience, both clinical and operational—we aim to help you achieve higher-quality outcomes and organizational savings through Patient Care Pathway optimization.


A patient care pathway embodies multiple touch points with a specific focus on finding operational and cost efficiencies. Thus, enabling any healthcare system to be better prepared to achieve increased profitability in a healthcare environment focused on value, quality and cost. Cath labs simply cannot continue to do business as usual. We can help.

Transradial Patient Care Pathway aligns all processes surrounding the transradial patient.


Terumo Business Edge and MedAxiom can help you succeed in the Triple Aim of healthcare for improved patient experience, population health and cost reduction. Equally important, we can help you achieve the Quadruple Aim in healthcare that includes healthcare professional satisfaction.

If you are experiencing issues about how to develop a same day discharge program, increasing radial access, reducing diversion, managing bed capacities, increasing staff satisfaction, increasing patient satisfaction and resource utilization, then please contact us now. Let us show you what is possible.

Don’t delay. The 2 midnight rule is here to stay. Observation status has changed. AMI Bundles are coming. Act now.



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Cath Lab Care Pathway Operational Assessment

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