Increasing provider productivity while ensuring quality and accuracy for a range of EHR platforms at programs across the country. Over 120,000 abstractions per month.

MDabstract is the expert at moving discrete clinical data –to the right place at the right time in your Electronic Health Record System. As the first dedicated Clinical Abstraction service in the United States, MDabstract has grown from abstracting and indexing for one 17 physician cardiovascular practice to completing over 120,000 abstractions per month for an ever growing list of primary, specialty, and subspecialty practices across a wide array of EHR platforms. We have a proven record of increasing provider productivity while ensuring quality and accuracy in their electronic chart. We offer “chart-prep”, “EHR to EHR” and “on-going” Chart Abstraction and Indexing solutions. Our off-site model provides a 24/7 solution that saves clients staff, space and equipment costs associated with effectively using their EHR.

In the current healthcare environment, our services not only increase physician productivity, improve quality outcomes and support various reporting initiatives but they also allow you to maximize the value of “SMART” data to deliver quality patient care. With MDabstract clients improve their patient compliance and meet important reporting requirements for Meaningful Use, CathPCI NCDR Registry, HEDIS/ACO initiatives and Pay for Performance Programs. All of this is delivered in a timely, accurate and dependable manner that will save your practice money while increasing your physician productivity. Contact us online at

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