MedAxiom Team

MedAxiom Consulting
MedAxiom Ventures
Information Technology
Jennifer Linville
Founder & CEO
Patrick White

Lori Walsh, MHSA
VP Membership
Joe Sasson
MedAxiom Ventures
Jammie Quimby
Revenue Cycle Consultant, MedAxiom Consulting
Ginger Biesbrock
VP Consulting
Joline Bruder, CPC, CPMA, CCVTC, CGSC
Revenue Cycle Solutions Consultant
Breon Butler
Help Desk/QA Specialist
Dana Carpenter
Communications Consultant
Justin King
Technical Support Specialist
Nicole Knight, LPN, CPC, CCS-P
Director, Revenue Cycle Solutions
Lindsey Kronforst
Meeting & Event Planner
Christine Matzke
Data Analyst
Vickie Moon
Executive Assistant, MedAxiom Consulting
Willa Nizolek, BSN, MBA, FACMPE
Director Member Relations
Erin Poirier
Chief Financial Officer
Candice Reineke
Production Director
Joel Sauer
VP Consulting 
Shawn K. Smith
Director of Information Technology
Javelyn Arvay
Head of Marketing
Teresa Stuckey
Director of Operations, MedAxiom Ventures
Katie Willerick
Performance Improvement Specialist
Nick Hoback
Membership Development Manager
Jacob Turmell
VP Consulting
Amanda Lazzaro
Marketing Coordinator
Annie Ibarra
User Experience/Interface Designer
Leah Hill
Marketing and Communications Manager