Clinical Softworks
Simplify healthcare delivery and communication

Clinical Softworks is an Atlanta Georgia based healthcare company that is focused on developing intuitive and user-friendly digital solutions for the medical community with one purpose - to help the patient. 

The Clinical Softworks team is passionate in designing and building software solutions to solve for gaps in the healthcare space.  

As medical science continues to innovate at an alarming rate, leveraging software technology to bridge the workflow gap from “science-to-patient” will further streamline the journey to timely care.



Loop is a next generation digital platform that addresses current gaps in patient referral management, communication, and awareness. 

  • Loop streamlines referral pathways to direct patients to the correct health care professional the first time around, thus eliminating delays in care and reducing cost. 
  • A HIPAA compliant messaging feature allows patient-centered discussions among care team members, while enabling transparency through the referral process. 
  • A dedicated, feature-rich feed supports targeted dissemination of educational information to improve care team connectivity within, and across, service lines to vastly improve goal alignment. 



Anamarc is a highly customizable solution developed to power the analytics, marketing, and campaign generation processes across the Clinical Softworks product line. 

  • Serves as a medium to enhance therapy awareness and education to the medical community in a targeted fashion.
  • Detailed application-specific analytics provides real-time actionable insights to direct the next set of business decisions.

Anand Patel | CEO & Co-Founder
(404) 939-2379

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