BioTel Heart
BioTel Heart®, a division and tradename of BioTelemetry, Inc., is the leading provider of remote cardiac monitoring diagnostic services.

Watch: Navigating Post-TAVR Risk Factors and Remote Patient Monitoring During & Post COVID-19 

Watch this 3-part educational webinar series focusing on a variety of key topics to help deliver effective care strategies for your patients now and in the future. Topics covered include: how to meet the changing dynamics of care delivery and implement a future proof technology infrastructure, a recorded HRS2020 Science panel discussion on the risk factors associated with delayed high-grade AV block in post-TAVR patients and their clinical programmatic experiences using MCOT™ monitoring immediately following hospital discharge, and workflow optimization in an effective remote monitoring program. 

Watch the Webinar Series


BioTel Heart processes over four billion heartbeats per day and monitors over one million patients each year, working with over 30,000 prescribing physicians and most of the top hospitals in the nation. It is the pioneer in remote patient monitoring, revolutionizing healthcare with its suite of cardiac monitoring devices, including its FDA-cleared ePatch™ and Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry (MCOT™), and the recent acquisition of Geneva Health Solutions. The Geneva platform and service provides an innovative, cloud-based, vendor-neutral platform that transforms cardiac device data into information to manage patient remote monitoring with cardiac devices.

“Our best-in-class technology and services enable healthcare providers to monitor and diagnose patients more effectively, and we are constantly looking for new ways to make a difference for our patients, customers, and communities," said Andy Broadway, President of BioTel Heart. "We are proud to partner with MedAxiom and delighted to work with an organization that shares our passion.”

BioTel Heart was the first company to provide heartbeat-to-heartbeat ECG monitoring service, analysis, and response for patients at home or away, every hour of every day. BioTel Heart’s MCOT is the most accurate and most studied arrhythmia monitoring detection system, providing near real-time arrhythmia detection with rate, rhythm, AF with p-wave analysis, and a QRS morphology algorithm. MCOT is the only monitoring device proven to detect atrial fibrillation with 100% sensitivity and 100% positive predictivity in the detection of ≥30-second AF episodes1 and has been validated by clinical evidence from 41 studies, abstracts, and articles. Certified cardiac technicians review findings and comprehensive clinical reports for MCOT in a HIPAA-compliant online system and are available 24 hours, seven days a week.

BioTel Heart also offers over 15 years of experience with EMR implementations in all major EMR systems and provides a dedicated EMR team to support healthcare providers throughout the integration process. BioTel Heart delivers a secure, HIPAA-compliant solution that seamlessly transfers patient reports and helps cardiology providers manage the data deluge from cardiac devices, including implantable loop recorders (ILRs). 

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1. Based on MIT-BIH (Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Beth Israel Hospital) Arrhythmia Database testing of ≥30-second AF episodes. (FDA 510k submission)

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