Geneva Health Solutions
Revolutionizing Healthcare

The integration of Geneva and BioTel Heart delivers an integrated portfolio of cardiac products, services and platform - one source for your remote monitoring solutions. Together, bringing to the table the most comprehensive health solution in the cardiology market.


Alleviates the data deluge
Our Service team triages alerts and removes all non-actionable transmissions, reducing workflow burden by up to 70%.

Monitors over 100k patients
Whether you're a small clinic or large, there's no cap to what we can handle. Our Service intakes over 5200 RM transmissions and processes over 5500 reports per day.

Highest Quality Service
In addition to having cardiac device experience, our Remote Care Coordinators go through a rigorous training program through Geneva University to ensure all our customers receive consistent high quality service.

Increases patient compliance average
Our Patient Engagement Specialists educate and troubleshoot disconnected monitors and help drive a patient compliance up to an average of 93%.


Aggregates data to one location
Geneva aggregates data from all four device manufacturers to one single platform – built for scale and adaptability.

More than just CRM devices
As the only 100% cloud-based remote monitoring platform, we can aggregate both implantable and wearable device data.

Patent-pending automation
Our unique fully automated EMR billing integration helps to optimize remote monitoring schedules.

Continuous updates
We provide quarterly platform updates based on feedback we receive from our customers. We are always open to suggestions on ways to improve our user experience.

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