Preventice Solutions
Transforming Preventive Cardiovascular Care through Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Preventice Solutions is a leading developer of mobile health solutions and remote monitoring services that connect patients and caregivers. Using insights to create revolutionary monitoring technologies, this tech-enabled, service-based approach can ultimately reduce the cost of care and improve health outcomes.

How PatientCare Enabled the Clinic of Tomorrow during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Patients with cardiovascular diseases are at higher risk from the COVID-19 virus. Priority in this era is to ensure physicians have the tools they need to take care of patients. Designed for use with the BodyGuardian® portfolio, PatientCare Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) is a self-managed, cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform that allows you to assist patients who need prescriptions remotely from their homes, manage near real-time data independently in a rapid manner and follow up without compromising care.


Todd Rozas | Director, Healthcare Solutions

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Real-World Data Validating BeatLogic® Deep Learning Platform for Comprehensive ECG Interpretation

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Preventice Solutions Receives Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award

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