ScottCare simplifies the complexity of cardiac patient monitoring by offering a single source for diagnostic and rehabilitation solutions. As a company with over three decades of monitoring experience, and the leader in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation monitoring, ScottCare understands the critical importance of delivering comprehensive, accurate and timely information to physicians. ScottCare also recognizes the significance of alleviating some of the burden placed on your clinical team. Organizations are under increased pressure to deliver value-based care; improve clinical outcomes, ensure high patient satisfaction, all while increasing financial performance. There are numerous remote cardiac monitoring companies from which clinics and hospitals can choose, but ScottCare is uniquely positioned to assist through proven solutions and their insourcing business models. 

ScottCare delivers diagnostic monitoring services and data management to improve compliance and optimize remote CIED and ambulatory ECG monitoring. ScottCare’s remote cardiac monitoring solutions have assisted many hospitals and clinics in improving patient compliance and operational efficiencies for better clinical outcomes and financial results. If your practice currently lacks the resources to fully monitor your remote patients, ScottCare has the solutions you need to simplify the process. 

ScottCare’s cardiopulmonary rehabilitation monitoring solutions are designed with one goal in mind, removing bottlenecks and giving you more time with your patients, all accompanied by unparalleled training and support. ScottCare provides the leading cardiopulmonary rehabilitation telemetry platform that is feature-rich and customizable to be the system you need it to be.

Product & Services Overview


Ambucor Remote Cardiac Monitoring Services is the proven insourced labor and technology service for 24/7 Ambulatory ECG and CIED Remote Monitoring that optimizes patient compliance while maximizing value. We combine our 24-hour cardiac monitoring software technology with the human element. For the patient, this means a better experience through personal technical assistance. For the physician, this means increased patient compliance, greater report confidence, and fewer unnecessary notifications. Throughout the process, you retain complete ownership of services and billing.   

  • Reports accessible on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices
  • Management of patient schedules and communications
  • Monthly or quarterly compliance documentation
  • Management of patient transmission and billing cycles
  • Pacemakers, ICD, ILR, ICM from all major manufacturers 

Ninety One

The Ninety One remote CIED patient monitoring software platform redefines remote implantable device monitoring. Through state-of-the-art software technology, data science, and machine learning, Ninety One eliminates time consuming manual processes and paperwork by providing automated transfer, capture and reporting of remote & in-clinic interrogations. As a result, Ninety One leaves you more time for what matters most, patient care. Accurate, comprehensive, and simple. Let Ninety One propel your monitoring practice forward.

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Powerful analytics identifies non-compliant patients and disconnected devices
  • Accepts data from all major ICD, Pacemaker, ICM and ILR manufacturers
  • Accessible on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • Advanced, customizable alert management and reports
  • Real-time, instant updates to lead and device libraries
  • Quickly identify patients impacted by device and lead recalls

TeleRehab VersaCare

VersaCare is the leading cardiopulmonary rehab monitoring solution, purpose-built to simplify your patient workflow and management. VersaCare simplifies the process of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation patient monitoring by letting you customize your way of interacting with the system, adapting to your workflow with a variety of helpful tools and features. Whether it is patient outcomes criteria, the interface or ITP reports, VersaCare can be what you need it to be.

  • Robust, scalable monitoring for any size rehab
  • Ability to capture more info through minimum HR and BP capture
  • One & Done Data Entry
  • Easily manage ITP status with Unapproved ITP List and ITP Queue for physicians
  • Easily review, add or delete ECG strips for the daily report while monitoring
  • Bi-directional HL7 interface to hospital EHR with EHRPipe
  • Reports can be edited at any time, even during the session
  • AACVPR Registry integration
  • Form customization
  • Full disclosure saves EVERY beat for EVERY patient throughout the patient’s rehab program


About ScottCare

ScottCare’s mission is to facilitate improved patient care and clinical outcomes while reducing the overall cost of healthcare. This is accomplished by providing high-quality devices, software, data integration, and clinical labor services that aid hospitals and cardiology practices in the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease worldwide. ScottCare’s ecosystem of diagnostic solutions and services provide the comprehensive the data needed to make the most informed decisions for an optimal diagnosis. With over 30 years of success, ScottCare knows caring for patients is the most important work you do and is dedicated to supporting you in your drive for patient care excellence.  For additional information, visit


Keith Miller | Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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“Our Ambucor team is competent and consistent, I don’t have to worry that someone isn’t qualified to handle remote monitoring the way HealthTexas expects. As we’ve seen more and more of their interpretations, we’ve been assured that their level of proficiency is very high — and that’s comforting to our physicians.”

– Kevin Coit, Health Texas

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White Paper: Remote Cardiac Patient Monitoring

What it can do for your practice, What to look for in a solution

Remote Cardiac Monitoring is an important, yet remarkably underutilized, tool in caring for patients who have experienced cardiac events. Download our white paper to learn why remote monitoring is important for your patient, your practice, as well as what to look for in a remote monitoring solution for your clinic.

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Remote Implanted Device Monitoring

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CIED Monitoring Labor Services

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Ninety One

At the heart of intelligent monitoring

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TeleRehab VersaCare

Cardiopulmonary Rehab Telemetry

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