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Actionable Insights for Better Cardiac Disease Management

Vector is a complete remote cardiac monitoring solution that makes it simple to monitor and act on remote cardiac data for rhythm management, heart failure, and hypertension management. Our company provides the expert, timely cardiac insights that cardiologists need to deliver the highest level of care. 


Thanks to our collective industry experience, we’ve identified the remote cardiac monitoring (RCM) pain points that prevent RCM programs from achieving their full potential. Our solution combines advanced, intelligent technology with human insight to improve patient outcomes and practice efficiency. 

Say goodbye to manual processes, struggling to manage multiple systems, and missing important alerts. From patient enrollment to data transmissions, and medical billing to EHR integrations, Vector provides the tools and support your practice needs to deliver care.  


Vector’s Cardiac Intelligence Platform helps cardiology practices stay connected to their patients while maximizing the value of cardiac remote monitoring technology for the management of heart rhythm, heart failure and hypertension.  Vector provides both CIED Monitoring and CardiacRPM for a complete remote monitoring solution.

We combine our Cardiac Intelligence Platform and live patient support to influence patient behavior through timely, multi-touch communication and positive reinforcement. These strategies increase patient compliance and on-time transmission delivery, reducing time to treatment and maximizing reimbursement. 

Ready to improve your clinical and financial outcomes? 



Tony Titus | SVP, Revenue

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2021 State of Remote Cardiac Monitoring Report

Drawn from a survey of more than 110 cardiology practices across the US, Vector’s 2021 State of Remote Cardiac Monitoring Report includes:

  • Data to help cardiology practices understand how remote cardiac monitoring programs vary widely from practice to practice.
  • Insights on the challenges cardiology practices face when trying to implement and sustain a successful remote cardiac monitoring program.
  • A discussion on how cardiology practices are incorporating modalities beyond rhythm management into their RCM programs.
  • Details on how successful programs — those that achieve the objectives of the Quadruple Aim — achieve their results.

Download the report

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