Vector Remote Care
Actionable Insights for Better Cardiac Disease Management

Vector Remote Care’s mission is to empower cardiac device clinics to achieve world-class care to every patient through an optimized remote monitoring program.

The Solution

The Vector Patient Care Platform is the complete solution for rhythm management, heart failure, and hypertension monitoring. The platform provides simple data management customizable to your clinic’s protocols, patient engagement technology based on proven behavior science, easy physician sign-off, and trained device and patient support technicians designed to drive device clinic efficiency, patient satisfaction, and revenue.

VectorConnectTM - Automated Patient Engagement

Software-powered, automated patient engagement tools reduce patient disconnect time by 42% and saves 788 hours of administrative work per 1,000 patients annually.

VectorSyncTM - Automatically keep portals up-to-date

An industry exclusive, VectorSync automatically synchronizes data that’s in the Vector Patient Care Platform with manufacturer portals. All other cardiac remote monitoring software pulls the data from these portals, but doesn’t update what was done with it. VectorSync keeps the portal interface tidy and up-to-date.

SmartReportsTM - Report Automation with Signature Ready Reports

The only solution with software-assisted report creation.  Our software applies clinic protocols to device data to prioritize alerts, create candidate summaries and automate report creation.  Signature-ready reports are ready for review by a qualified technician and then routed to providers for electronic signature.



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Healthcare Economics Assessment Report (HEAR)


Vector Remote Care has built a tool to help champion change within healthcare organizations centered around achieving each goal within the Quadruple Aim: better outcomes, lower costs, improved patient experience and improved clinician experience. 

With a few inputs, a customized report is prepared to demonstrate clinical, financial, and workflow efficiency improvements that are the result of achieving +90% connected, on-time reporting across your cardiac device patient panel.

Receive a customized report for your clinic

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