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Actionable Insights for Better Cardiac Disease Management

Vector provides a complete remote cardiac monitoring solution that simplifies proactive patient engagement and enables the delivery of timely care for remote cardiac rhythm, heart failure, and hypertension patients. Vector provides expert insights and industry-leading patient engagement technology based on proven behavioral modification, allowing cardiology practices and cardiac device clinics to deliver high quality care cost-effectively.


Thanks to our collective industry experience, we’ve identified challenges that prevent remote cardiac monitoring programs from achieving their full potential. The Vector solution combines advanced, intelligent software with expert, personal support to improve patient engagement, practice efficiency and patient outcomes.

Say goodbye to manual processes, struggling to manage multiple systems, and missing important alerts that may put patients at risk. From patient enrollment to device transmissions, medical billing to EHR integrations, Vector provides the tools and support your practice needs to deliver the highest level of remote cardiac care. 


Vector’s Cardiac Intelligence Platform helps cardiology practices and cardiac device clinics engage their patients and maximize the clinical value of remote cardiac rhythm, heart failure and hypertension patients. Vector offers both CIED Monitoring and CardiacRPM to provide complete remote monitoring solutions.

Ready to improve your clinical and financial outcomes? 



Tony Titus | SVP, Revenue

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2022 Remote Cardiac Monitoring Landscape Survey

Vector Remote Care is conducting a survey to better understand the remote cardiac monitoring landscape and the use of third-party providers to help manage cardiac device populations. The survey takes five minutes to complete and the results will be shared with all participants. All MedAxiom Members who participate have the opportunity to receive a customized Health Economics Assessment Report at no cost. The report will highlight the efficiency and profitability of your remote monitoring program and the potential for improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency.


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