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Itamar Medical
Itamar Medical™ is a medical device company focused on leading the integration of Sleep Apnea management into the cardiac patient care pathway

Itamar Medical, in collaboration with its ecosystem partners, has pioneered a novel cross-disciplinary model of care developed for the integration of Sleep Apnea management into the cardiac patient care pathway. With WatchPATTMHome Sleep Apnea Testing device, the WatchPAT TurnKey program expands the reach of sleep services by enabling point of care variability, providing a scalable model while reducing wait times and overall cost, and offering optimized IT systems and human field resources to support the vast underdiagnosed pool of cardiac patients suffering from the co-morbidity of Sleep Apnea.

WatchPAT Turnkey program ensures cardiovascular patients are diagnosed and start treatment for sleep apnea in under 2 weeks. It is as simple as a click of a button, and 100% hassle-free.

  • Seamless and simplified patient access to Sleep Apnea care
  • Reduced Time to Treatment – from a few months to 2 weeks on average
  • Optimized therapy and patient compliance with long-term adherence (67% vs. 33% on average)
  • No financial burden to the clinic – no cost, no need to deal with reimbursement, pre-authorization or billing * (Based on the different business models)


WatchPAT ONE is the first disposable HSAT (Home Sleep Apnea Test) which increases infection control by eliminating multiple-use, cleaning and return shipment. WatchPAT ONE connects to a mobile device through Bluetooth. The simple smartphone app transmits the WatchPAT ONE's data from 7 channels to the cloud. As soon as the study is completed a board certified in sleep physician can review the automated study results. Once reviewed, a notification is sent and the interpreted report is ready to be viewed by the cardiologist.


WatchPAT 300, a simple, accurate and reliable home sleep apnea testing provides the same simplicity, accuracy and reliability as all other WatchPAT devices.

WatchPAT products’ 3 points of contact, makes the sleep apnea testing as simple as possible and eliminates re-testing due to failing studies. This simplicity provides a 98% study success rate with almost 100% patient satisfaction.


Hear From Your Peers


Dr. David Vorchheimer explains sleep apnea management in cardiology practice, the responsibility of cardiologists, the role of WatchPat in the process, and target patient selection.


Dr. Zalmen Blanck discusses a case study about the correlation between Bradycardia and Sleep Apnea


Prof. Jonathan Kalman discusses the reversal of the abnormal atrial substrate with the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)


Dr. Randy Lieberman explains the impacts of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) on the overall cardiovascular system


Assaf Mohar | VP Customer Success

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WatchPAT TurnKey Process

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WatchPAT Turnkey Program

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WatchPAT300 Home Sleep Apnea Testing

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