Clinical Performance Solutions for Ambitious Cardiovascular Centers

The Key to Rapid Cardiovascular Service Line Improvement

Biome Analytics is the leading cardiovascular performance company dedicated to helping doctors and health systems deliver the best care, to the most patients, at the lowest cost. Biome empowers cardiovascular service lines (CVSL) with a suite of targeted performance applications for each clinical program: cardiac surgery, electrophysiology, congenital heart, interventional cardiology, vascular surgery, structural heart, stroke, vascular surgery, transplant, and heart failure.

Our proprietary solutions have helped hundreds of industry-leading enterprise health systems, hospitals, and physicians save millions by engaging care teams, improving outcomes, attracting new patients and payors, and increasing national rankings.

By focusing exclusively on CV service lines, we drive value through:

  • Process- and procedure-specific performance models that seamlessly integrate financial and clinical data
  • An algorithm-based performance engine to quickly identify high-value opportunities
  • A community-driven performance library with benchmarks, best practices, and proven improvement strategies
  • A centralized dashboard for tracking and maintaining progress toward goals
  • A shorter time to value

Shortening Time to Value: ROI

Biome is successful because we help our clients quickly achieve a measurable ROI. Our contracts are annual by design, which requires us to deliver value every day, week, and month. With our in-depth knowledge of CV care, we can shorten our clients’ time to value by six to nine months.

Since Biome launched seven years ago, we have had a 100% client renewal rate. Moreover, clients do not just renew, they typically expand their work with us.

Biome has helped hundreds of industry-leading doctors, hospital and health systems deliver the best care, to the most patients, at the lowest cost.

Let us help you - so you can focus on what you do best.


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