Health Outcomes Sciences

Health Outcomes Sciences
Leading CV Precision Medicine Company creates COVID RESTART PROTOCOL & TOOLKIT to help Cath Labs get back to patient care

As we emerge from this phase of the COVID pandemic, our clients are seeking a safe, rational approach to re-opening their Cath Labs and resuming elective revascularization.   HOS has developed a COVID RESTART PROTOCOL & TOOLKIT that will allow you and your team to get back to work faster.

  • An easy-to-use solution to make quick and accurate patient treatment decisions
  • Encompasses Federal and state guidelines for elective procedures
  • Incorporates published guidance from SCAI, ACC and the CDC
  • May be used in our ePRISM platform or as a stand-alone tool

Our COVID RESTART PROTOCOL & TOOLKIT will allow you to identify the patients who most need angiography and revascularization and safely treat and discharge them.


Joie Cooney | VP Business Development

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