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Description & Services:

pMD offers an intuitive mobile software for health care professionals to improve backend efficiency and patient outcomes. Their innovative app allows physicians mobile access to quickly and securely enter charges right from their smartphones and at the point of care. This solution also assists with making high-volume, low-reimbursement services profitable with stress test and echo reads integration and automated billing. pMD’s native mobile app eliminates tedious paper processes and administrative elements as well as streamlining workflows so you can get down to the good stuff.

Does your organization struggle with adoption of existing charge capture solutions or wonder how to get off paper-driven processes? pMD is committed to creating a detailed implementation plan to customize pMD to YOUR organization, develop the best solution, and provide superior customer service. Don't take our word for it! Check out our 800+ testimonials to see what organizations are saying about pMD.  To learn more about free pMD® Secure Messaging™, pMD® Charge Capture™,pMD® Clinical Communication™, pMD® Care Navigation™, and pMD® MIPS Registry™ solutions, contact us.

How it Works:

pMD charge capture allows doctors to record information on their services right into their mobile devices - anytime, anywhere. You'll spend more time being a doctor and less time acting like an accountant with a really expensive medical degree.


pMD Secure Messaging:

The pMD® Secure Messaging™ app improves everything about your HIPAA-compliant texting with your colleagues. It’s free, totally user-friendly, and lets you chat in real time about sensitive patient info – even with colleagues outside of your organization.


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