PICOM365 by ScImage powers ONE Enterprise Imaging solution to meet all your needs.

ScImage has been leading innovation in medical imaging for over 25 years.  Beginning with one of the original calcium scoring systems still in use today, we have continued to support the evolution of cardiac imaging to deliver solutions to help solve problems that matter: workflow, secure access, and productivity.               

With single sign-on access to patient data from all cardiology disciplines in one platform, PICOM365 by ScImage saves you time and clicks.  Our easy to use solution - which can be implemented as part of a comprehensive cardiology image management system or to address specific departmental workflow and reading and reporting challenges - improves clinical collaboration and enhances productivity.  


A true enterprise solution that is flexible, comprehensive, secure, and scalable, PICOM365 goes beyond PACS to provide access to all patient data with onsite and remote viewing, sharing, reporting, and clinical analysis.

  • One viewer, one reporting environment, one all-encompassing patient record for Cath, Echocardiology, Stress, Nuclear Medicine, Holter, EGC Management, Event Monitoring and more
  • On the cutting edge of customer requirements, including user-customizable reports and custom calculations
  • Flexible infrastructure supports the most challenging workflows, including ECG Management and Nuclear Medicine
  • Send images and results directly to referring physicians, colleagues, and even patients using PICOM365’s Image Exchange toolset
  • Expedite critical clinical decisions with robust operational and clinical analytics

ScImage developed our first Cloud PACS 20 years ago. Recognizing the need for ONE solution to accommodate the needs of all users, we have perfected a full complement of imaging services in the Cloud:

  • Embedded Cardiology-specific workflows for every imaging discipline
  • Read from your hospital, office or home with post-processing available anywhere
  • Full EHR integration and LDAP authentication for quick and secure access
  • Optimized performance to assure you have the speed required for maximum efficiency
  • Rapid deployment and support of all new imaging disciplines, diagnostic tests and imaging techniques, including Holter, event monitoring, wearables and more
  • State-of-the-art security, leveraging Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure combined with ScImage’s unparalleled technical and clinical expertise

The PICOM365 Interoperability Core orchestrates data access, transfer and distribution, managing external IT systems - HL7, EHR, DICOM and non-DICOM data, billing, patient ID’s - to create an information highway that facilitates access to all patient data. 

This unique approach to interoperability can enable your organization to integrate outside data seamlessly, wisely, cost effectively and quickly. 

  • Eliminate security concerns
  • Support a single viewing and reporting solution
  • Securely distribute data with versatile business rules
  • Compliment your unique workflow requirements, via on-premise or Cloud deployments


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