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Bracco is your trusted partner in cardiac PET!

Introducing the new CardioGen-82® (Rubidium Rb 82 Generator) Infusion System

The Model 1700 Infusion System is designed with you in mind. This smart innovation delivers efficiency and ease of use from the company you can depend on for all your cardiac PET imaging solutions.


The Bracco Difference

  • Flexible options, including Bracco Mobile Isotope Services, to suit your unique needs and help you implement a successful cardiac PET imaging program
  • Customized business case tools and reimbursement resources to help you meet your financial goals
  • Extensive team of locally-based clinical and business experts to support you and your staff


The case for investing in cardiac PET imaging, even during a pandemic

Coronary artery disease does not just disappear in a pandemic. If anything, access to rapid, reliable diagnostics is more important than ever. Cardiac PET is a non-invasive imaging procedure known for efficiently and accurately diagnosing heart disease. Kim McDaniel, Senior Director Sales and Marketing at Bracco Diagnostics, outlines the benefits of investing in cardiac PET and how her company is helping to improve access to this important test.

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CIS Teams with Bracco: A PET Success Story




Kim McDaniel | Senior Director Nuclear Medicine Sales and Market Support

Learn more about Bracco’s cardiac PET products and find your local representative here.

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Podcast: Best Stress Test during a Pandemic?

Guests explain why PET imaging is their modality of choice for stress testing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Christopher Douglas, MD, FACC, Interventional Cardiologist, and Jamie Branch, Lead Imaging Technologist, both from Heart & Vascular at Hattiesburg Clinic, also share how their organization has adapted protocols to keep patients and employees safe as pandemic restrictions ease and patient volumes become a new version of normal.

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White Paper: CIS and Bracco share their PET Success Story













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