First Functional “Hot Spot” cardiac ischemia imaging agent completing Phase 2b/3 trials

First Functional “Hot Spot” Cardiac Ischemia Imaging Agent: An interview with Cell>Point

Chris Romeo, EVP of MedAxiom Ventures, speaks with Terry A. Colip and Dr. Veronica Covalescy about Cell>Point’s breakthrough cardiology ischemia agent, Oncardia®. As the firstfunctional “hot spot” imaging agent delivered in a single “shake and shoot” vial, Oncardia® provides many clinical, economic and patient convenience benefits, including improved sensitivity and specificity, elimination of the stress test, lower radiation exposure and improved economics for the practice. 


Oncardia® is the first functional “hot spot” cardiac ischemia im-aging agent developed for both SPECT and PET imaging. Current clinical trial data shows improved sensitivity and specificity than traditional MPI imaging, faster diagnosis (ability to target is-chemic tissue in a single dose), eliminates the need to stress the patient or AC and a potential reduction in unnecessary Cath pro-cedures. The key to Oncardia® is its targeting ligand glucosa-mine which localize in ischemia as the myocytes convert from free fatty acid to carbohydrate metabolism.

As a functional “Hot Spot” ischemia imaging agent, Oncardia® should provide cardiologist and its patients with many clinical, economic and patient convenience benefits. For a complete list of these benefits, mechanism of action and clinical trial data please download the Oncardia® brochure.


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