Streamline Workflow and Maximize Quality by Bundling Fujifilm’s Cardiovascular Ultrasound with VidiStar Image and Reporting Platform

Fujifilm’s Complete Turnkey Solution

Cardiology workflow does not have to be complicated, manual, or disconnected – with Fujifilm’s premium Lisendo 880 Ultrasound and VidiStar reporting and analytics platform you can focus on what matters, delivering the highest care to your patients.

By combining, Fujifilm’s Lisendo 880 and VidiStar Image and Reporting Platform, Fujifilm offers a comprehensive solution for significantly improving customer workflow and maximizing quality. Exceptional image quality is required for a confident diagnosis. At the same time, reimbursement is dictated by clinical quality and extensive reporting and required to meet professional standards and address value-based medicine. Fujifilm’s solution allows for high confidence in clinical quality and fast but robust reporting for maximized reimbursement.

Lisendo 800 Ultrasound Premium 2D/3D Ultrasound

The Lisendo 880 delivers superior image quality in your most difficult to image patients across the Fetal, Pediatric and Adult cardiology spectrum. Premium IQ is delivered by the interplay of our image processing, probe design and superior image optimization technologies providing critical diagnostic information throughout your patient’s life.

  • HDAnalytics offers the most advanced echo evaluation of hemodynamic information. VFM, LV eFlow, CW on all probes, Dual Gate Doppler, 2DTT, eTracking and Wave Intensity technologies provide a unique and deep analysis to assist in your diagnosis.
  • HDSI provides a collection of automated analysis/measurement tools. Fueled by AI and Big Data, your system automatically works for you in the background – detecting the best frames, conducting key measurements and accelerating your scan. Complex and time-consuming tasks become simple – leaving you to focus on diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Expertly designed to optimize productivity.

VidiStar Reporting and Analytics Platform

The VidiStar® Image, Reporting, and Analytics Platform is Fujifilm’s cloud-based IT solution for streamlining clinical workflow with structured reporting and enabling the viewing, reporting, and analysis on all cardiology specialties in a single application.

  • Access Images and reports from anywhere
  • Efficient structured reporting
  • Automated measurements mapping
  • EMR and Hospital System Interface


* Data based on respondents of Fujifilm’s 2020 customer insights survey of 26 sonographers and 15 physicians using VidiStar


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