As the largest provider of turnkey cardiac PET imaging services in the US, we can upgrade your lab with superior quality, low radiation burden, and robust economics.

The healthcare landscape is on the threshold of a fundamental change.  Merged groups and independent providers must adapt or risk lower reimbursements.  That's why progressive cardiology groups are partnering with us to offer PET as a frontline test for MPI.  The benefits of incorporating cardiac PET with CDL include:

  • Getting the right diagnosis more often with a test that is faster, more sensitive, and lower radiation than traditional MPI
  • Reimbursements 2-3 times higher than SPECT
  • Risk protection from large capital outlays and changing reimbursements

Our turnkey model will minimize your practice's risk and enable you to take advantage of PET's superior imaging quality, low radiation burden, and robust economics.

  • Turnkey Cardiac PET - Faster, more accurate, lower radiation test with superior reimbursements compared to SPECT.  CDL's turnkey model allows groups to enjoy all of the benefits of PET without the risk.
  • Turnkey Nuclear SPECT - Fixed and mobile solutions enable our customers to provide the highest quality Nuclear Cardiac diagnostic experience in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  • Nuclear Lab Supplies and Services - From isotopes and stress pharmaceuticals to camera service and staffing, Laureal Healthcare Solutions (a CDL sister company) helps providers protect and enhance one of their most important revenue centers.






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