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Moving Analytics provides virtual cardiac rehab and comprehensive cardiovascular disease management programs.

Moving Analytics provides virtual cardiac rehab and comprehensive cardiovascular disease management programs to support cardiologists and health plans in implementing best practice guidelines for the prevention of heart disease.  

Our flagship program is Movn, a virtual cardiac rehabilitation program that delivers an evidence-based program of exercise training, lifestyle/risk factor modification, and remote monitoring through a mobile app and dedicated coach.  

Developed in partnership with Stanford University, our programs are based on more than 30 years of published research involving over 70,000 patients. Customers include Kaiser Permanente, Allegheny Health Network, Advocate Aurora, Veterans Affairs, Highmark Health Plan. Our mantra is empathy guiding expertise in our relationships with our partners and colleagues.  

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“Because of the general underutilization of cardiac rehabilitation in the United States, new patient-centered delivery strategies like the Movn program are urgently needed to increase uptake by patients from home—or wherever it’s convenient for them—enabling patients to realize the many clinical benefits, including fewer hospitalizations, improved exercise capacity and return to a better quality of life. We are currently validating the Movn program at Highmark Health plan and Allegheny Health network through our Vital Innovation Program”

– Srinivas Murali, MD, chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and co-chairman of the Allegheny Health Network Cardiovascular Institute.




Lynda Murdock | Principal, Clinical and Customer Operations

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Anne Gavic and Heather Carey describe how they use mobile applications and wearable devices in their home based virtual cardiac rehab program at the 2019 AACVPR conference. Visit the Moving Analytics YouTube channel to watch. 



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