Nudj Health

Nudj Health delivers integrated, whole-person, continuous virtual care for patients with cardiac disease. We provide the infrastructure that is often missing to enable providers to integrate lifestyle interventions to their patient care beyond the walls of their office.

Based on AHA/ACC recommendations, we provide tech-enabled collaborative care using evidence-based, Medicare approved pathways centered around 6 interconnected lifestyle areas.

Our Cardiac Wellness program combines continuous evidence-based lifestyle interventions to patients through iterative “nudges”, along with remote physiological monitoring. Our team includes specialists trained in the collaborative care methodology and lifestyle medicine that serve as an extension of the cardiology clinic team.


  1. We integrate mental, behavioral, and social determinants of health into the cardiology care pathways, per AHA guidelines, focused on treating the whole person, not just the physical cardiac condition. We use evidence-based reimbursed pathways that improve patient outcomes and deliver economic value to the cardiology practice.
  2. We improve staff satisfaction by serving as an extension to the clinic. We alleviate pain points that providers face including reducing incoming patient calls by over 40%.
  3. Using the Collaborative Care Model, we have seen significant health improvements for patients enrolled in the Nudj program. Over ten months, patients with moderate to severe depression and anxiety saw a 47% decrease and 43% decrease in scores, respectively, and patients with mild to severe insomnia saw a 52% decrease in scores. These patients also saw a reduction or maintenance of blood pressure and weight, improved mobility, and became more connected with family, community and Nudj Health support systems.

Tom Stewart | Director of Sales
(415) 412-5247

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