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  • Dose-on-demand delivery of Ammonia N-13
  • On-site operational and regulatory management
  • Zero capital expenditure
  • The recommended rapid pharmacologic Cardiac PET during COVID-19
  • Assistance with reimbursement and marketing

Today, IONETIX is partnering with hospitals and cardiologists across the country to provide dose-on-demand delivery of Ammonia N-13, the Gold Standard in cardiac imaging.

By combining the isotopic strength of Ammonia N-13 and a first-of-its-kind cyclotron, IONETIX and its cardiac partners are able to provide patients with the most advanced imaging possible all while using the lowest radiation dose compared to all other SPECT and PET myocardial perfusion radiopharmaceuticals. Plus, the onsite production of Ammonia N-13 simplifies the supply chain while the isotope’s longer half-life (when compared to Rubidium) allows for patients to be treadmill exercised as an alternative to pharmacologic stress.

And when you partner with IONETIX, you pay only for the doses of Ammonia N-13 you order. IONETIX takes on all costs related to the Cyclotron itself, including construction, operations, maintenance, regulatory compliance, reimbursement and marketing assistance.

The best in cardiac care imaging is within reach.





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