Purposeful cardiovascular teams select the Biome solution to power performance through intelligent variation, enabling clinical and administrative personnel to align on a common fact base and make better cost decisions.

  • Recent client success: $2M opportunity uncovered in just 2 facilities during 60-day pilot
  • Biome Clients Achieve Game-Changing Breakthroughs in <1 Year:

    • >$3M TAVR Direct Cost Savings (>$5M Total Cost)
    • 3 Day LOS Reduction for TAVR
    • Net-new 164 Bed Opening Availability
    • ID of $1.7M cost misallocation
    • Decreased Observed vs. Expected Mortality by 35.7%

You know managing costs is incredibly important in this shifting reimbursement environment.  Pinpointing the most effective opportunities is incredibly difficult: every stakeholder has a different hypothesis, data is difficult to access, and conversations between clinical and administrative teams often do not start from the same fact base. 

Unearth the most high-impact savings opportunities, get all stakeholders on the same page using validated, trusted models, and improve your contribution margin quickly using Biome. Quickly access valuable, signal-driven insights from blended clinical, administrative, and cost data.  Explore hypotheses with our granular, actionable 200+ CV-performance specific analytics library:  slice and dice at the physician, device, drug, facility, and process level, among other views.  Finally, empower physicians to make cost-effective decisions at the point of care without compromising clinical care quality, or adding to their cognitive overhead.

High-performing cardiovascular teams use and confirm our models, ensuring trusted performance insights. Administrators and physicians alike use the Biome solution to cut through the data noise, quickly improve decisions, and focus on what they do best: delivering world-class care. 

Biome will partner with your team for a short pilot, and within 60 days, our application will have analyzed your organization’s relevant data, and isolated the unique high-value opportunities for your cardiovascular service line. Our engagement team delivers insights into how similar organizations successfully affected change in your target opportunities, along with the support you need to manage the shift to success.   

Learn more about the difference the Biome solution makes for high-performing cardiovascular teams by reaching out today.


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Case Study: Learn how California Heart Institute reduced its PCI bleeding event rate by over 69% with Biome Analytics applications, while simultaneously reducing costs. Read white paper. 



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