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For medical practices aspiring to top performance, Brevium’s data-driven approach and software drive superior financial and clinical results by optimizing the patient appointment lifecycle.


Most practices have thousands of overdue patients. Virtually all practices have at least one method to avoid patient loss, and ~52% of medical practices have multiple methods in place. Despite this, most practices still have thousands of overdue, unscheduled patients. This results in decreased revenue, additional costs to acquire new patients and reduced quality of care.

Brevium is a provider of software that makes it easy to reactivate patients lost to follow-up, by mining the recalls, visit history, and claims data within a practice management system database. Brevium’s software and best practices are based on insights from a major exploration of the patient appointment lifecycle — the ALOHA Study. Our software analyzes your practice management database, targets appropriate patients, contacts these patients to bring them back and allows you to hold the entire process accountable.

ROI calculation is easy --- the software generates reports to ensure the process is tracked and easily understood. Based on many installations, practices may expect revenue, office visits and surgery volumes to increase dramatically with Brevium technology.


An Overview of Brevium

Learn more about patient reactivation and how Brevium's software helps medical practices bring back their patients lost to recall or overdue for care.


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