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ChronicCareIQ is a connected care platform which proactively engages patients through remote monitoring, alerts you to patients requiring attention and automates Medicare compliance. CCIQ is leading the way in connected care strategies which result in better outcomes, lower costs and attainment of reimbursement through Medicare connected care codes for Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Transitional Care Management (TCM). Chronic Care IQ has disrupted the call center market with innovation which engages the patients in their own care and keeps them connected to your practice.

Use CCIQ to:

  1. mitigate disease progression by extending care oversight outside your practice and into the patient’s home,
  2. be paid for the work your staff is already performing, while boosting care quality and patient satisfaction
  3. get real-time discharge notifications, allowing your practice to perform outreach to patients in a timely manner.
See How ChronicCareIQ Is Helping Physicians


Physician Spotlight: Mid Coast Medical Group

“We saw this as a way to operationalize and pay for our care management teams at our primary care practices”
– Dr. Carl DeMars, Mid Coast Medical Group


A Physician’s Perspective – Success with CCM: Birmingham Heart Clinic

“Our retention rate has been phenomenal. Patients really like it and they continue to use it. I’m now seeing patients back for over a year who are not having very many issues at all”
– Dr. Brian Flowers, Birmingham Heart Clinic


The Patient Perspective: Patients Share Stories about Managing Chronic Diagnosis

“It helps me to feel more confident that my doctor is going to be more aware of what’s going on”
– Real CCIQ Patient







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ChronicCareIQ automates chronic care management and helps you receive net new income through the CCM incentive program. Find out how much you can potentially increase your revenue with the CCM Revenue Calculator.