Physicians Realty Trust (NYSE:DOC)

Physicians Realty Trust (NYSE:DOC)
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Physicians Realty Trust (NYSE:DOC) is on a mission to help medical providers, developers, and shareholders realize better healthcare, better communities, and better returns.

We do this by offering broader and deeper healthcare expertise than any other REIT, by crafting solutions that benefit all parties, and by leveraging our long-standing industry connections to source and sustain the highest-quality properties and tenants in the industry.

We invest in healthcare, not just real estate.

Our team knows healthcare. With expertise in healthcare executive management, operations, policy, law, and finance, our team is uniquely skilled at building partnerships, ensuring our clients have the real estate resources to produce superior patient care now and in the future.

We design solutions that benefit all parties.

When we assess a potential acquisition, we’re looking to serve our shareholders alongside the healthcare systems, physician groups, and medical office developers who are building better communities. Our investments are never “one-size-fits-all,” but are structured to meet the unique needs and goals of all parties involved.

We source and sustain the industry’s highest-quality tenants and properties.

By always delivering on our promises, we’ve earned the trust of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers across the country. As a result of these relationships, we are the preferred partner for many of the highest-quality facilities and healthcare providers in the industry, and our performance consistently delivers reliable investments for our shareholders.


We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our team members, investors, healthcare partners, and those who visit our properties.

We CARE — Collaborate & communicate. Act with integrity. Respect the relationship. Execute consistently.

Collaborate and communicate.

We have developed a collaborative culture of mutual respect, and every team member has a sense of pride in what we accomplish together. We strive for true partnerships, working toward a common purpose and shared success.

Act with integrity.

Integrity and transparency are at the heart of all that we do. We believe that performing to the highest standards on behalf of our healthcare partners, team members, and investors is fundamental to our identity as a company.

Respect the relationship.

We continually support our partners so they can provide outstanding healthcare services in their communities. We are committed to providing industry-leading customer service.

Execute consistently.

We deliver on our promises the first time and every time. By promoting a culture of innovation and creativity, and above all, consistency, we exceed our clients’ expectations.


Dan Klein | SVP, Deputy Chief Investment Officer
(419) 392-7746

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