Pritikin ICR is a comprehensive lifestyle education program approved by Medicare that provides the opportunity for improved patient outcomes and satisfaction through a flexible, program with high revenue potential.

Heart to Heart: Pritikin Success Story - Intensive Cardiac Rehab Program

Kevin Moore, Exectuive Director of Michigan Heart, sits down with MedAxiom's Joseph Sasson, to describe his program's journey with the Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab Program. He says that the decision to implement an intensive cardiac rehab program was a "no brainer" because of the significant value that it brings to patients, to physicians and to the business. He offers advice to those who may be considering starting such a program.


About Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab

  • Pritikin's ICR Program is an enhanced form of ordinary cardiac rehabilitation (CR), with twice the number of Medicare-covered sessions as CR - 72 instead of 36.  Pritikin is offering a license to deliver its program at hospitals by the hospital's own certified Rehab staff.
  • Pritikin ICR provides a comprehensive program and support tools with flexible delivery options. The lifestyle education program includes medically-supervised exercise, nutrition education such as healthy supermarket shopping strategies, cooking, and behavioral skills like managing stress and quitting smoking.
  • Pritikin ICR provides hospitals the opportunity to improve patient outcomes and enhance patient satisfaction by offering a comprehensive lifestyle education program to their patients in a low start-up cost and high revenue potential format. 

Patient Benefits:
- Comprehensive lifestyle-change education
- Opportunity for improved health outcomes
- Enhanced engagement with Hospital Rehab staff

 Provider Benefits:
- Comprehensive program and support tools with flexible delivery options

Opportunity for:
- Improved patient satisfaction
- Reduce costly readmissions
- “Positioning for the future” … i.e. Bundled payments; ACO's
- Provides busy medical practices with a continuum of care which is evidence-based and comprehensive

The Pritikin Program has been taught for over 40 years at the Pritikin Longevity Center. With over 100 peer-reviewed, published scientific studies, the Pritikin Program is approved for reimbursement under a new benefit class, Intensive Cardiac Rehab (ICR).


Terry Rogers | President, Pritikin ICR

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