Maximize the education you receive from life science reps with RxVantage—the free, online platform empowering connections between medical practices and reps.

Reps provide valuable information for physicians, staff, and patients, but coordinating their visits can be a time-consuming, frequent distraction. RxVantage fully automates this process, allowing medical practices to retain complete control and maximize the education they receive from reps. 

RxVantage is used by thousands of medical practices to fully automate rep management. Reps are searchable by name, product, or company, and the web-based platform allows reps to schedule appointments directly in custom online calendars—providing automatic rule enforcement and tracking while saving hundreds of hours of administrative time. Additionally, the patient assistance program database allows practices to view current program eligibility, download forms, print coupons, and find the lowest cost prescriptions from thousands of pharmacies. 

Streamlining rep management through RxVantage saves medical practices an average of 20 hours per month of administrative time that can be re-directed towards patient care.



RxVantage offers tools to:

  • Bring your rep scheduling online in custom calendars
  • Automate visitation rule enforcement
  • Search and message reps directly in the platform
  • Download updated patient assistant program forms, coupon cards, and eligibility requirements




“With RxVantage, I’m not behind anymore. It has freed me up so I can focus on my other duties in a timely fashion.”

– Liz Gifford, Prima CARE Cardiology Office Manager


“A game-changer for us. We now have higher quality meetings with reps about new drugs and information our providers and staff crave, and our patients need.”

– Connie Renfroe, North Mississippi Health System Clinical Practice Manager







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