Legislative Lobbying. Regulatory Education. Advocacy Opportunities.

Get Involved. Be Heard.

CAA supports the sustainability of the cardiovascular professional regardless of practice setting. CAA educates the cardiovascular community about regulatory and legislative issues that affect the ability to provide all services necessary for high-quality cardiac care. CAA represents the common interests of the cardiovascular patient and professional and encourages its members to advocate for their patients, their practices, and their profession.


CAA supports cardiovascular physicians, service lines, patients, and practices by bringing to Capitol Hill information about how federal legislation, regulatory changes, and federal policy affect the access and delivery of cardiovascular medicine. CAA also informs you about proposed legislation and policies that will affect you, your practice, and your patients. It is incumbent on all of us, as cardiovascular providers to be educated and knowledgeable on the legal, regulatory, and compliance regulations impacting our patients, service lines, and practices.


  • CAA sends out Action Alerts to educate and inform members as well as providing a convenient way to contact Congress through CAA's Action Center to voice our concerns or lobby for legislative changes.
  • CAA maintains CardiologyCAA.com, which is updated with the news from Washington and how it may impact your practice. The web site is also where you will find the Action Center and also where you can pay your annual membership dues.
  • CAA maintains an active listserv to answer questions and generate discussion on policy issues, impacts of both proposed and active CMS programs, and more.


CAA has a lobbyist on Capitol Hill every day who meets with Senators, House Members, and their staff to get CAA’s message heard. He also keeps CAA informed on what is going on in and what pending changes may be coming from Washington.


The CAA hosts or participates in fly-ins where members are able to meet face-to-face with legislators and their staff to communicate and develop long-term relationships – all politics is local!
CAA responds to proposed legislation and impending policy, making sure that legislative and administrative leaders know the impact their proposed policies and laws would have on the practice of cardiovascular medicine.


CAA develops a tool where each organization can assess the proposed and actual impacts on their reimbursement based on the Physician Fee Schedule each year. The tool is simple to use and helps with planning and budgeting as well as determining impacts on specific changes in the rule.

What’s the cost to join?
Membership belongs to the cardiology practice and annual dues are only $150 per FTE physician in the practice.

What’s the cost of not joining?
Legislators and policy makers in Washington have a profound impact on your life’s work. Isn’t it time you joined in the voice of your cardiovascular colleagues? More voices = more influence.