Javelyn Arvay

Headshot of Javelyn Arvay

Javelyn Arvay

VP of Marketing

With a strong track record in healthcare and global marketing, Javelyn is a pioneering leader in brand and creative strategy, go-to-market strategy and implementation, multicultural engagement and global expansion, retail and digital transformation, and strategic partnerships. Prior to joining MedAxiom, Javelyn held positions as a senior consultant to the C-Suite, and as a corporate executive, including Sr. Director, Brand Strategy and Corporate Marketing at Florida Blue, and Head of Marketing and Creative Services at GuideWell Connect. She has successfully led and executed brand repositioning and retail transformation strategies for global brands in healthcare, wellness, technology, and retail. Javelyn has operational experience launching revenue generating spin-off companies, in-house marketing agencies, worldwide partnerships, training and digital programs.

At MedAxiom, Javelyn is responsible for the development and implementation of MedAxiom’s brand, content and engagement strategy which includes digital channel and campaign development, marketing automation, educational platform and programs, and analytics to support our mission. As the head of marketing, she works closely with MedAxiom’s Membership, Ventures and Consulting teams to create and promote innovative solutions, services and products supporting our community of members, clients and industry partners.

Javelyn has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Illinois State University, and technical degrees in advertising and graphic design. She successfully participated in the Association of Health Insurance Plans change management program at Kellogg School of Management. Javelyn an alumni from Leadership Jacksonville 2015, serves on boards supporting mental health, education, and economic development.