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Are You Ready for Value-Based Success? - Find out with MedXcellence

The Groundbreaking Assessment Tool for Program Transformation

MedXcellence is MedAxiom’s proprietary assessment tool designed to identify the key characteristics that drive performance and create value for cardiovascular programs today and going forward.

MedXcellence is based on four foundational Axioms of Excellence--Organizational, Operational, Clinical and Transformational—and each includes a set of specific attributes. Our initial findings indicate that strong scores in Organizational and Operational Excellence are essential, but alone are not sufficient, for success in the value-based world. Additionally, the movement toward Clinical and Transformational Excellence is required for programs to meet the emerging best practices standards for the value-based health care model of tomorrow.

As part of the membership benefits, your program can participate in the MedXcellence assessment and compare your results to others in the MedAxiom community to help identify opportunities for improvement.

For more information about MedAxiom membership and how MedXcellence can help your organization, contact Lori Walsh, Vice President, Membership, MedAxiom and Senior Consultant, MedAxiom Consulting, at

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