CV-Specific ACOs: A New Initiative to Accelerate Transformation

News | Published: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 10:00 am

by MedAxiom


Being on the frontlines of cardiovascular health care, the MedAxiom community lives the day-to-day challenges of operating a successful program. We know many of you are finding that what has worked in the past—from the makeup of your provider teams to your reimbursement processes—may not work in the future. The shift to value-based medicine is indeed a time of tremendous change. And change is not limited to providers—the entire industry will need to transform to succeed.

As the new health care landscape emerges, we see many opportunities for stakeholders to change the way they do business for the benefit of all. We believe that taking a more collaborative approach to our challenges is key to paving a new way forward—that aligning stakeholders is the best way to achieve growth goals.

With that in mind, and as your trusted partner, we are pleased to announce an industry initiative created to help you succeed in the new health care landscape. MedAxiom and Magellan Health are launching a strategic initiative to support CV programs as they develop cardiovascular-specific Accountable Care Organizations (ACO).

MedAxiom and Magellan are committed to working with cardiology practices and programs across the country to develop innovative management capabilities that leverage value-based reimbursement models, while establishing greater strategic positioning with payers in the market. Magellan will bring its years of expertise, access to its network of payers, and its many proven tools and financial resources, to help you build a successful ACO model as well as financially underwrite the program’s risk. In this way, Magellan Health is the perfect example of a health care organization that is changing the way it does business to help you improve yours.

The future is fast approaching, and preparedness will distinguish those who are ready to succeed in the new normal. If you are interested in improving quality, reducing costs, maintaining your independence and protecting your financial security, then put MedAxiom’s and Magellan’s expertise, connections, tools and resources to work for you.

We look forward to working with our members to advance the delivery of cardiovascular care and we are thrilled to share this opportunity as a resource to further advance your program’s efforts around transformation.

To learn more about this new CV health care initiative, please reach out to your MedAxiom Membership Director: Lori Walsh, Mike Staples or Willa Nizolek.

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