MedAxiom Partners with Objective Medical Systems to Introduce Intuitive Information System for Clinical Decision Making

Cardiologists create CV-specific EHR software and diagnostic tools to manage vital patient information; increases patient volume and throughput by 20%-30%

Partner News | Published: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 5:00 am

by MedAxiom


Neptune Beach, Fla (October 18, 2016) — MedAxiom, the nation’s leading cardiovascular performance community committed to improving business and patient care outcomes, is excited to announce a new corporate partnership with Objective Medical Systems (OMS), a technology innovator within the cardiovascular health care industry. After years of frustration with overly complex and inefficient electronic health records (EHR) software, a team of cardiologists took matters into their own hands and developed EHR technology and diagnostic tools to efficiently manage vital patient information specifically for cardiology practices.

“MedAxiom’s membership, which represents more than one-third of all cardiovascular health care providers across the country, is seeking technology that will help them succeed in the value-base environment,” said Ryan Graver, president of MedAxiom Ventures, a division of MedAxiom. “OMS provides the only holistic and integrated information systems platform specific to CV practices. This niche technology helps streamline the work of cardiologists and reduce human error, while saving time and money for both doctors and patients.”

The OMS platform and philosophy is based on the belief that discrete data and background analysis will revolutionize the practice of medicine, improve patient care, increase physician efficiency, reduce errors and enhance ROI.              

“Cardiology is one of the most advanced medical specialties, utilizing literally thousands of discrete data elements during an outpatient visit to make clinical decisions,” said Vinod Nair, MD, co-founder and president, Objective Medical Systems. “The OMS Platform captures these discrete data elements seamlessly to enhance workflow and improve throughput while improving quality of care. In addition, it consistently accesses cardiovascular data points across physical boundaries of outpatient clinics, hospitals as well as home, contributing to a 360-degree view of patient’s cardiovascular status.” 

 The integrated OMS platform includes an intuitive Cardiology-specific EHR system, Diagnostic Reporting, Population Health Analytics, Chronic Care Management for cardiovascular diseases and a Patient App. While these five components can be utilized individually, they are synergistic in combination. The system is built with cardiology-specific quality metrics, while permitting the user to easily generate prospective and retrospective queries and alerts.

“OMS has emerged as a medical necessity for our practice with its new-age medical software solution,” said Dr. Craig M. Walker, founder and president, Cardiovascular Institute of the South. “It enables our health care providers to continue to deliver the highest quality of care in this new era of ever-changing requirements. Their application is easy to navigate and allows us to enhance our research capabilities.”

About MedAxiom: Founded in 2001 by Jennifer Linville, CEO, MedAxiom is the nation’s leading cardiovascular performance community, providing expert consulting, networking and membership services including data analytics, program excellence tools and educational events to improve business and patient care outcomes. For additional information, visit:

About Objective Medical Systems: Objective Medical Systems was founded in 2008 by Vinod Nair, MD, Peter Fail, MD, Richard Abben, MD, and Gary Chaisson, RTR, RTSA. It was founded on the belief that discrete data and background analytics will revolutionize the practice of cardiology, improve patient care, increase physician efficiency and reduce errors. By maintaining a narrow focus on cardiology, OMS is able to offer an elaborate, powerful, and user-intuitive solution providing an information system for the entire cardiovascular product line. For additional information visit:



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