Transradial Patient Care Pathway - Optimizing a New Standard of Care In Your Cath Lab

Partner News | Published: Wednesday, December 14, 2016 9:00 am

by Terumo Business Edge



Terumo Business Edge™ and its partner MedAxiom Consulting can show your cath lab how to achieve greater operational efficiencies and reduce costs through a Transradial Patient Care Pathway that combines same day discharge. Our process involves a detailed assessment to identify needed changes, followed by an implementation process that will drive operational and economic results you need. Now is the time—the newly proposed AMI Bundle will only put greater expectations on quality, cost-effective outcomes. Our team has decades of cath lab experience and can quickly identify opportunities for improvement and change.  

To learn more, visit or contact Gary Clifton, VP, Terumo Business Edge™ at



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