QGenda Named MedAxiom Corporate Partner

The Top Automated Physician Scheduler Focuses on Cardiovascular Specialty through New Collaboration

Partner News | Published: Thursday, March 15, 2018 7:00 am


MedAxiom is pleased to announce its corporate partnership with QGenda, the #1 cloud-based, automated physician scheduling software. QGenda is the market share leader with over 170,000 clinicians—from small practices and large health systems—using its products and services in more than 30 medical specialties, including cardiology.

“For years when our clients have discussed scheduling solutions the name QGenda was always at the top of the list,” said Joe Sasson, PhD, Executive Vice President, MedAxiom Ventures. QGenda is a top-tier and fast-growing organization with an incredible product, and it is our hope that this partnership will provide QGenda with additional insight to accelerate product development for its cardiovascular customers.”

Focused on key challenges facing cardiologists today, QGenda reduces scheduling cost and effort, reduces cost of delivery and improves provider performance. QGenda’s user-friendly, automated, interactive scheduling engine builds and manages an optimized cardiology schedule; a process that once took hours or days, now takes minutes. Results that QGenda’s customers have experienced include: 25% reduced labor expense; 50% reduced time spent scheduling; $2,500 saved per provider per year; and 96 hours saved on payroll per year.

“QGenda’s industry-leading software solution fully satisfies the complexities of cardiology scheduling that are evolving alongside industry shifts and personnel needs,” said Tony Smart, Vice President, Customer Success. “QGenda has engineered a team of experts that is focused on delivering industry best practices and successful business outcomes to our customers. We are excited to join the farsighted partners at MedAxiom in bringing innovative and best-in-class healthcare technology solutions to cardiology providers.”

QGenda’s configurable solution accommodates a group’s specific rules based on FTE, sub-specialty, priority, seniority, frequency, and/or availability over any period of time for any number of providers. These rules ensure fair distribution of call schedules, hospital rounding, and Cath/Echo/EP labs, along with clinical assignments. QGenda’s intelligent algorithm automates complex rules specific to each provider’s needs. QGenda’s Daily Sums feature displays accurate counts of sub-specialty providers (i.e. Interventional, Non-Invasive, Electrophysiology) alongside daily needs to ensure staffing requirements are met. Also, QGenda helps centralize location, call and vacation schedules and educate staff on best practices.

“QGenda’s web-based scheduling system remarkably handles multiple combinations of tasks and staff and is indispensable when covering several locations,” commented David Konur, FACHE, CEO, Cardiovascular Institute of the South. “The team at QGenda is knowledgeable, experienced, and readily available when you need them.”

QGenda works from wherever providers work, including on the go with its mobile app that provides enhanced product functionality. QGenda is rated highest in overall satisfaction and overall product quality for Physician Scheduling reported by KLAS in the Scheduling 2016: Staff, Nurse and Physician report. To find out if your organization would benefit from QGenda’s top-rated scheduling services, visit www.QGenda.com or call 855-399-9945.

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