Update on BPCI Advanced Data and Target Prices

News | Published: Thursday, June 7, 2018


For MedAxiom members who have signed on with Archway Health to submit their BPCI Advanced application, we are excited to inform you CMS has finished uploading BPCI Advanced Target Prices and aggregate spending data to the Data Portal. CMS has also begun the process of transmitting raw claims files. 

Archway’s goal is to provide you information as clearly and quickly as possible; to that end, we will send you your bundle volume, target prices, and episode payment breakdown in the next few days, and will begin processing the raw claims files as soon as the transmission is complete. Examining your volume, target prices and payment breakdown is a starting point, however, insights from the raw claims data are critical to fully understanding your opportunity in the program. 

As previously discussed, the timeframe with which you have final data to make a decision about participation in the program is tight but attainable. Applicants must decide by August 1st whether you wish to move forward in the program; Archway is committed and excited to work with you to make the process of evaluating your opportunity as effective as possible.


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