MedAxiom Announces Corporate Partnership with Preventice Solutions

Preventice offers innovative remote patient management devices and services to support value-based cardiovascular healthcare.

Partner News | Published: Thursday, October 4, 2018


MedAxiom is excited to announce its corporate partnership with Preventice Solutions, a leading developer of mobile health solutions and remote monitoring services that connect patients and caregivers.

“Preventice Solutions is a cutting-edge company that has a vision for the future and helping providers to be successful in delivering value-based care,” said Joe Sasson, Ph.D., EVP of MedAxiom Ventures. “Preventice leverages the latest in wearable arrhythmia diagnostics with a supporting Artificial Intelligence platform that greatly eases the burden on the provider organization. Combined with their products for Chronic Care Management, Sleep Diagnostics, and their physician-friendly billing model, this relationship is going to bring a new layer of value for our constituents that we have never seen before in this diagnostic category.”

Using insights to create revolutionary monitoring technologies, Preventice Solution’s tech-enabled, service-based approach can ultimately reduce the cost of care and improve health outcomes related to Chronic Care Management (CCM), Cardiac Rhythm and Sleep Apnea monitoring. Their monitoring devices and technology platforms support providers who are initiating CCM, Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiatives, and other value-based care metric/payment models.

‎“We are proud of the partnerships we have in place to help us in our commitment to being a ‎leader in remote cardiac monitoring,” said Jason Spees, Chief Commercial Officer of Preventice. “We look ‎forward to our partnership with MedAxiom that will provide opportunities to collaborate and ‎engage leaders across healthcare. This is an important effort for many stakeholders across ‎healthcare as we seek opportunities that have the potential improve care for patients with ‎technologies and systems that are designed to address patient and provider needs, while reducing ‎healthcare costs.”‎

Preventice solutions include BodyGuardian® 360, a cardiac-specific dashboard that captures discrete data elements sourced from electronic medical records (EMR) and other multiple wearable devices. Preventice works with provider partners to aggregate discrete data so that it is actionable. Regular, scheduled patient-provider interactions can lead to better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction for patients with two or more chronic conditions. By automating CCM providers can increase revenue, provide better care, and reduce hospitalizations.

Preventice Solutions’ broad portfolio of wearable arrhythmia monitors and technology platforms facilitates healthcare providers’ view of a patient’s condition outside the clinical setting while they go about their daily activities.

MedAxiom members will have an opportunity to learn more about Preventice at the CV Transforum Fall’18 conference, October 11-13, in Austin, TX, where they will be exhibiting.

Learn more about Preventice Solutions.


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