pMD Announces Free Secure Patient Communication

Partner News | Published: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 5:00 am

pMD, the innovation leader in health care technology, announced in a press release a free HIPAA-compliant communication platform to better connect  providers with patients. Now part of the free pMD® Secure Messaging™ platform, providers can securely communicate with patients through text or face-to-face via video conferencing, in addition to communicating with colleagues.

“Finally every health care provider in the United States can text and video chat with their patients at no cost. This addresses a fundamental, burning need for patients to be more connected and have better communication with their providers outside of face-to-face interactions; and an urgent need for burned-out physicians to have privacy and control over how and when these chats occur,” says Adam Kenney, VP of Software Engineering at pMD. “When the two communicate in an asynchronous and timely way, the patients are happier and they're receiving better care.”

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