Biome Wins 2019 Healthcare Startups to Watch Award

Partner News | Published: Thursday, August 8, 2019 6:00 am

Biome Analytics was named 2019 Healthcare Startups to Watch by InsightsCare magazine; designated as ‘Best-in-Class’ solution in annual ‘Healthcare Startups to Watch’ Awards, honoring the most innovative startups serving the healthcare industry.

“Biome’s distinctiveness is a breakthrough value-add for cardiovascular teams, providing noticeable clinical and financial impacts,” according to the Insights Care committee.  During the selection process, when asked about what winning the award would mean, Stuart Jacobson, Biome Analytics’ CEO responded “Our clients provide our greatest award—when we see the success that they achieve as a result of our solution, we are motivated to develop even more models to improve cardiovascular performance.”

See the InsightsCare issue.

See Biome Analytic's feature.


Biome gives physician users the tool to unearth the most high-impact savings opportunities, get all stakeholders on the same page using validated, trusted models, and improve your contribution margin quickly. The Biome solution presents valuable, signal-driven insights from blended clinical, administrative, and cost data.  Explore hypotheses with our granular, actionable 200+ CV-performance specific analytics library:  slice and dice at the physician, device, drug, facility, and process level, among other views.  Finally,users are empowered to make cost-effective decisions at the point of care without compromising clinical care quality, or adding to their cognitive overhead.

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