Biome Analytics Awarded “Best Cardiovascular Care Products Engineers 2019 -USA” by Global Health & Pharma

Partner News | Published: Friday, October 4, 2019 6:00 am

Global Health & Pharma (GHP), a global industry research firm, named Biome Analytics as the “Best Cardiovascular Care Product Engineers 2019 – USA”. The judging criteria focused on “demonstrated expertise…dedication to customer service, and a commitment to excellence and innovation”. This follows Biome’s recent award for “2019 Healthcare Startups to Watch”, announced in July.

“Research was centered around an in-depth evaluation of skills and services on offer. The wider market reputation of each nominee was also taken into consideration,” according to the Global Health & Pharma judging committee.  Biome’s analytics are changing the face of physician leadership. By enabling the user to control their own performance management, practicing physicians lead the transition in care delivery transformation, increasing patient access to better care. Client physicians are able to get value back for all of their time in EMRs—Biome provides the platform for answering physicians’ most important questions," said Skye Lawrence, Vice President of Product Management at Biome.


Biome gives physician users the tool to unearth the most high-impact savings opportunities, get all stakeholders on the same page using validated, trusted models, and improve your contribution margin quickly. The Biome solution presents valuable, signal-driven insights from blended clinical, administrative, and cost data.  Explore hypotheses with our granular, actionable 200+ CV-performance specific analytics library:  slice and dice at the physician, device, drug, facility, and process level, among other views.  Finally, users are empowered to make cost-effective decisions at the point of care without compromising care quality, or adding to cognitive overhead.

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