End Days of Digging Through Reports: Biome Analytics Releases New Assessment Engine Capability; Statistically Ranks Performance Opportunities

Partner News | Published: Tuesday, November 26, 2019 5:00 am

Biome Analytics released a new assessment engine capability this month, enabling cardiovascular service line leaders to statistically assess impacts and probabilities of success for performance improvement initiatives.  Stakeholders can now model expected change in cardiovascular service line performance, based on inputs such as key cohorts, trends, variation, projected ROI, and influencing attributes. This follows Biome’s recent “2019 UCSF Digital Health Top 10—Cost Savings Category” recognition.

Biome’s clients accelerated delivery of the new capability through analytic and risk model validation.  “Inputs are built to reflect the feasibility of movement or improvement on metrics based off of similar organizations.  We built this because our clients needed ability to scale: they didn’t want to spend time clicking through thousands of analytics and hypothesizing around the bounds of improvement, they just wanted to reduce costs and improve quality quickly and sustainably”, said Skye Lawrence, VP of Product.

“The other valuable piece of this assessment engine is that clients are now able to know their unknowns.  Clients can see and communicate what is possible at their organizations.  For instance, if the organization’s same day discharge is at 50%, we can show that in this environment, the best performer for a like patient group is at 80%, so there is an extra $300,000 in potential savings that you didn’t see, plus, you are now able to excel at a national level, and within competitive markets, we see that as the way to help our clients grow.”


The Biome solution is reinventing cardiovascular performance management. By enabling stakeholders throughout the service line to maximize their contribution to organizational performance, practicing physicians lead the transition in care delivery transformation.  Physicians and administrative leaders can finally align to successfully eliminate variation and reduce costs, all while continuing to improve patient outcomes.  The Biome solution delivers valuable insights for every individual on your team.  Learn more: info@biome.io OR visit biome.io

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