Preparing your practice for new staff safety standards: USP General Chapter <800> effective 12/1/19

Partner News | Published: Friday, December 6, 2019 5:00 am

Starting December 1, 2019, healthcare facilities are responsible for following a new, strict set of guidelines surrounding the handling of hazardous drugs. The new safety standards, USP General Chapter <800>, apply to all healthcare personnel who receive, prepare, administer, transport or otherwise come in contact with hazardous drugs and all the environments in which they are handled. This likely includes most workers within the practice, such as physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and others.

These hazardous drugs are critical to patients’ treatment, however, given that more than eight million U.S. healthcare professionals are exposed to these drugs every year, they also pose a risk for everyone preparing or administering them. Practices do their best to protect employees from exposure, but given that one drug can be handled by multiple departments—from the pharmacy, to the nurses, to the physicians, operating room staff, even environmental workers—safety compliance can be a huge undertaking.

RxVantage has developed seven tips to help practices understand UPS <800> and ensure compliance in their facility.

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