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Keep your staff and patients safe: Pre-screen for COVID-19 with BetterConsult

News | Published: Thursday, March 19, 2020 8:00 am

As we are all challenged with how COVID-19 is affecting our practices, the health and safety of our patients and our providers and staff are of utmost importance. Having an infected person come into our buildings would create a very challenging scenario and potentially sideline critical members of our teams at a time when we may need them most, in addition to the potential spread of the virus to other patients.

MedAxiom has partnered with BetterConsult to help practices in their fight against COVID-19. Preventing the spread is crucial, and BetterConsult has extended an offer to our members for a free 3-month utilization of their software for pre-screening purposes.

BetterConsult is a pre-screening application that allows patients to complete questionnaires about their health in advance of their visit, thereby saving time during an office visit. BetterConsult has added a COVID-19 screening component to their package and is offering it free of charge for 3-months to help all programs address the dire needs of pre-screening in today’s environment. Now you can have some indication of a COVID-19 screening before patients arrive at your clinic. Please click below to learn more, or view instantly on the web by clicking here.


Get Started with BetterConsult

What is BetterConsult?

BetterConsult is a digital clinical questionnaire that patients fill out prior to arriving at your clinic. It allows your clinical staff to review each patient's symptoms and agenda ahead of time, and can help your staff determine which patients are too high-risk for an in-person appointment at your clinic.

How does BetterConsult screen for COVID-19?

BetterConsult asks EVERY patient about:

  • Relevant symptoms (fever, cough, etc.)
  • Recent travel to high-risk countries
  • Potential contact with COVID-19 positive patients

It then provides their answers in an easy-to-read output for your practice to review.


How do I get started?

Activate BetterConsult within 24 hours, by clicking here

Get Started with BetterConsult



 Visit the MedAxiom COVID-19 Resource Page for the latest information and resources to help CV organizations navigate the global pandemic.




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